John Enright

John Enright was born in Buffalo, New York, in 1945. After serving stints in semi-pro baseball and the Lackawanna steel mills, he earned his degree from City College of New York while working full-time at Fortune, Time, and Newsweek magazines. He later completed a master’s degree in folklore at UC Berkeley, before devoting the 1970s to the publishing industry in New York, San Francisco, and Hong Kong. In 1981, he left the United States to teach at the American Samoa Community College. He spent the next twenty-six years living on the islands of the South Pacific, working for environmental, cultural, and historical resource preservation. Over the past four decades, his essays, articles, short stories, and poems have appeared in more than ninety books, anthologies, journals, periodicals, and online magazines. His collection of poems from Samoa, 14 Degrees South, won the University of the South Pacific Press’s inaugural International Literature Competition. Today, he and his wife, ceramicist Connie Payne, live in Owensboro, Kentucky.

One thought on “Biography

  1. Aloha John

    Who married me to David Irvine.. !!! Great to read your biography and about you and Connie’s travels… Oh how I miss you both!! and Samoa.. and David Irvine!! a rare human being who died too soon….

    I am happy and living on the Big Island in Hawaii.. I am about to go on a cruise ship.. YUP! YUK!! but my longest Aussie friend and her husband called and said they were flying into Honolulu and going through the South Pacific to Oz.. and we decided to join them..

    We go from Honolulu to Pago .. Patti Page has organized a rental car, and we are meeting her and Dale for lunch.. at the old Pago Pago Yacht Club.. which is now a ??? restaurant.. on February 20th.. just for one day… then on to Apia, Auckland and Sydney.. where I’ll get to visit family.. my big brother Bruce who flew to Pago and gave me away to David Irvine on December 20th 1988!!.. He’s turned 80 this month, and isn’t very well, so will be good to see him

    Much love to you and Connie!!! come visit us one day…

    I’ve been married now to David Baglow for 15 years.. a good husband.. and I’m still working 24/7 as a realtor here..



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