Selected Works


In the Det. Sgt. Apelu Soifua Jungle Beat Mystery series:

Samoan Det. Sgt. Apelu Soifua must cross cultures to untangle drug smuggling and murder conspiracy.

Samoan Det. Apelu Soifua has to go into hiding to prove himself no murderer.

The Dead Don’t Dance

A clash between modern and mystical forces on a remote Samoan island leads to a grisly murder.

Blood Jungle Ballet
The closer Samoan Det. Apelu Soifua gets to solving the serial murders, the closer he gets to becoming the next victim.

In the Dominick Chronicles:

New Jerusalem News

Itinerant house guest Dominick overstays in a New England resort only to become a terrorist suspect.

Some People Talk with God

Dominick discovers his half-sister and her run-down mansion on the Hudson filled with Wicans. He almost finds a home and a lover.



14 Degrees South

A distillation of a poet’s output during 26 years living in Samoa. Winner of the University of the South Pacific Press’s inaugural International Literary Award.

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